From Ideas to Big Business

This journey has taught us many things to become successful but above all we quickly learned, “how not to fail”. We offer our business experiences and technical expertise to new startups, to help them develop a successful Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Entrepreneurs with ideas need technology people to implement their ideas into a working product. MVP is a product built from the smallest set of features that deliver customer value.

Having additional hands to expedite the develop of Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is all they need to get ready for next round of funding. A Successful MVP is constantly measured and improved before it is fully matured. We understand startup ecosystem as it is in our DNA.



We work with entrepreneurs to understand their business vision and develop a roadmap to help them transform theiridea to business. Our technology enthusiasts provide professional guidance to reduce the cost of Minimum Viable Product (MVP).We will be your technology partner all the way to future rounds of funding.


Our augmented / dedicated engagement models allow entrepreneurs to work directly with technology team on daily basis.We fully embrace Lean IT principles and Agile development methodologies, and can quickly assemble teams to push your product forward through feature prioritization and iterative development. We engage with complex technology stack that requires deep technical expertise in certain areas.


Idea is a subjective thing and it evolves over the period. We take a design thinking approach to integration challenges, exploring where we can constantly “innovate at the edges” to improve processes and user experience, without wholesale changes to architecture or infrastructure.


We offer, not just technical knowledge to develop the MVP but also collaborate to transform the idea to marketable product. We will manage your infrastructure and to break the cycle of capital expense by moving toward cloud-based platforms, infrastructure and software as a service business.