All software are not born rough and tough. You need to groom your software to make it perform well. How much memory, CPU power, response-time etc. would be acceptable to you. Identify the issues with the engine of your software application, and let us suggest you the tuning of software engines.

Engage us so we can achieve some of the Key Objectives for you:

  • Response time to incoming requests
  • Database queries
  • Calls to caches
  • External HTTP requests
  • Unhandled errors and exceptions
  • Transactions and their execution paths / metadata
  • Client-side fine-tuning
  • Monitor Batch jobs, Background jobs

Why Us for App Security

Pinpoint the causes of performance slowdowns and enables to resolve poor application performance. We precisely segment the transactions into client, server and network time elapsed thereby providing you indispensable information when trying to determine where performance slowdowns really occur..

We identify what is responsible for slow performances, bottlenecks, architecture, configurations, database, risks and end users problems. Digital Arrays empower you with practical software changes to improve the performance of the software. We passively test software in the production environment

The best place for any company to start in making their software application accessible is with an accessibility assessment and audit. The initial assessment will give both you and Digital Arrays a good idea of your product’s initial accessibility.

Many of our clients need additional assistance with the remediation of accessibility issues identified during our audits. If you are seeking to augment your staff and making your software applications accessible, Digital Arrays will be glad to work with you side by side

To ensure that your organization continues to be accessible after our assessment and remediation, Digital Arrays offer accessibility training to help ensure your designers, programmers, and other stakeholders continue to comply with accessibility standards.