Hackers target the retail payment system infrastructure to enable fraudulent transactions across national borders. They configure and deploy scripts on compromised servers in order to intercept and reply to financial request messages with fraudulent but legitimate-looking affirmative response messages. Hackers remotely compromise application servers to facilitate fraudulent transactions.

Some areas of Infrastructure Health program are:

  • External/internal network vulnerability assessment.
  • External/internal systems vulnerability assessment.
  • External/internal network penetration testing.
  • External/internal systems penetration testing.
  • Web application penetration testing.
  • Host configuration security review.
  • Database configuration security review.
  • Firewall configuration security review.

Why Us for Infrastructure Health

With the number of services, private and public sector organisations handle a large amount of personal and confidential information. Such data is extremely valuable if it gets into the wrong hands and the need to improve security and prevent breaches has never been higher.

Digital Arrays will work with your team to ensure assurance that your organisation’s external and internal systems are protected from unauthorised access or change, and they do not provide an unauthorised entry point into systems.

To successfully protect your organisation against cyber threats, it’s imperative to begin by identifying where its security weaknesses lie.

With our vulnerability assessment service, you can better understand and manage your organisation’s cyber security risks by receiving help to identify, classify and mitigate them.

Digital Arrays team will provide penetration testing, trust our high-quality pen testing engagements to identify and address security vulnerabilities in your networks, infrastructure, and applications.