To enable your organization to call upon a highly-qualified and experienced security professional as and when required. Your organization will benefit from our years of expertise and knowledge of the latest developments in cyber security.

Engage us so we can achieve some of the Key Objectives for you:

  • Leadership and Guidance
  • Steering Committee Participation
  • Incident response planning
  • Risk and control assessment
  • Security program management

How is Virtual CISO helpful

We fill in the role of CISO for your organization to advise on data security, compliance, and management related challenges your organization faces today. Working with your business, our vCISO will help strategize, plan, and execute t he cyber security strategy that aligns with your business strategy and risk appetite.

  • Independent and neutral
  • Flexible and adaptable to your risk appetite.
  • Immediate value and specialist knowledge.
  • Decreased cost.
  • Access to reliable expertise.

Virtual CISO services give you access to a whole team of experts with different specializations. This means that your “CISO” will have a broad range of experiences to draw on that makes them better at handling your company’s cybersecurity needs and responding to potential security incidents.

CISOs are so hard to find hence many businesses go without the benefit of such leadership for their cybersecurity efforts. This can lead to gaps in the company’s cybersecurity strategy. Attackers won’t wait for you to find the right CISO for your company before trying to take advantage of these cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

Having a team of virtual information security officers at your beck and call makes it more likely that you will have someone with the right expertise to recognize and counter a specific threat type. Even better, lessons learned from other clients can be applied to protect your business, enhancing your overall cybersecurity profile