Digital Arrays, managed SIEM helps enterprises see through data noise easily, respond to emerging threats quickly, and cost-effectively maximize protection while proving compliance. Whether your challenge is choosing the right SIEM, fully staffing it, containing costs, or keeping up with new threats and compliance requirements, Digital Arrays can help..

Our highly skilled team can do all of the followings, talk to us and we will manage your SOC / SIEM needs.:

  • Protective Monitoring.
  • Detection.
  • Incident management and response.
  • Initial triage and analysis.
  • Alerting and response.
  • Reporting.

Why Us for Managed SOC / SIEM

Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) identifies, monitors, records, and analyzes security events within a real-time IT environment. It provides a centralized and comprehensive view of the security of your IT infrastructure. SIEM utilizes the core technology of a Security Operations Center (SOC).

Organisations that invest in SIEM can quickly realise that they are unable manage it without a large team of security experts to deploy their chosen solution and analyse and respond to the high volume of alerts it is likely to generate. If you have deployed SIEM, but unable to exploit its benefits then outsource your SIEM/SoC monitoring to Digital Arrays.

In recent years, SIEMs have evolved to keep up with increasingly frequent and sophisticated threats. An agnostic approach to technology means that we support a broad range of market-leading SIEM technologies If SIEM is not yet deployed, Digital Arrays can still provide cost-effective SIEM and then monitor it. .

Many companies are considering a “tech refresh” for their legacy SIEMs. However, replacing an existing SIEM can be a daunting process. In particular, security teams may face organizational and operational constraints, preventing them from a complete tech overhaul. Engage Digital Arrays to replace your existing SIEM with cost-effective and tech-effective solution.